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What Is HealthShare?

What Is HealthShare?


A Community that cares about you!

HealthShare or Medical Cost Sharing is a benevolent organization a not-for-profit program designed to provide members an organized structure to contribute toward each other’s medical costs. This system has been proven an effective alternative to high-cost health insurance.

What to expect when you join our Community!

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Is HealthShare a fit for me? 


What joining a HealthShare is all about? 

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HealthShare works best for healthy families or individuals ages 18-64. Children also qualify with their families up to age 26. Married children qualify for their own plan. If you're tired of high monthly costs and want to save money this is definitely a fit for you! If you're a business owner and want to provide a low-cost monthly benefit for employees, we can help you too.

Questions About HealthShare?

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