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Zion Health Essential Membership

The Zion Health Essential Membership provides access to the basic HealthShare fund along with member care support for your medical needs. Complements your direct primary care solution. 

Zion Health lets you pair your essential membership with the add-ons, listed below, that fit your needs. Enjoy more options and savings!​

Add-on's available if you need it.

Preventive Care includes Colonoscopy, Mammogram & Immunization, usually suggested if you're over 45+. (6 month waiting period)

Prescription (Rx) Sharing

Teladoc Membership, (We suggest using the Amaze App)

LifeWorks: Mental Health

Healthcare Bluebook Price & Quality Transparency Tool

Tobacco (Surcharge if applicable)

*This membership is only available to employers with 2 or more employees, members of a Direct Primary Care or members who join through enrollment partners like, or those listed on our Partner Page.

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