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Looking for something better than Telehealth? Look no further! We have the #1 best at home solution. Now available here.


Amaze Health is here to support your medical concerns. See what we treat here. Things that would normally take you to urgent care or a waiting room, can now be taken care of from home!

Amaze is your friend and guide when making medical choices that can stress you out. With your best interests in mind, it pays to have this doctor in your pocket anytime of the day.  They'll be there to answer your urgent pressing medical questions.


With Amaze, enjoy the option to complete the puzzle with a HealthShare Membership*. A catastrophic solution for those major medical expenses. Either way, don't be left alone to make expensive decisions. get an expert to help. 

Membership for Amaze is only available through partners like us. If you are part of a group or an employer interested in benefits for employees, please contact us here and we can help.  

Membership costs $35 per month and we offer group billing.

We look forward to serving you! Thank you.

*This membership is only available to employers with 2 or more employees, members of a Direct Primary Care or members who join through enrollment partners like

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