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3 reasons why people are switching to Zion Health.

Why are people switching to Zion Health? Here's why: transparency, quick to respond to your needs and it's simple. That's it!

  1. Transparent: Zion Health gives you everything you need to know about how the healthshare operates. From what a need is to have to submit a request. Member guidelines are easy to understand and digest.

  2. Quick to Respond: Give it a try, If you called them during their normal operating hours, you'll almost always find someone to talk to. Not just that, but if you have a medical need, they'll get it taken care of within 5-8 business days. That's way faster than other leading organizations.

  3. Simple: 5 minute application, they take everyone and you don't need to wait for approval. No letter, not tests, just sign up and your a members. It just makes sense

To sign up or learn more visit

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