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How HealthShare Began

Today's medical cost sharing communities, aka HealthShare, began in the early 1980's when a well known pastor in the state of Ohio was involved in a terrible accident. His local congregation banded together to support and pay for his medical bills. Together they paid in full in less than forty-five days. In short this community was touched and impressed at the power of what they had accomplished. They decided to persist in following the biblical mandate to support one another’s burdens.

Members of HealthShare communities in all 50 states share one another’s medical expenses in similar fashion today. A proven system that has been effective as an alternative to traditional yet constantly increasing costly and complex health insurance.

As a member of Zion Health you join a stable community where you'll enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and stability of a community that is willing to share the burden of medical costs. Along with a team of trained administrators who's purpose is to negotiate and keep costs low. This ultimately keeps more money in your own pocket.

Hands supporting one another's burdens

If you'd like to learn more about joining a healthshare with Zion Health. Please contact us at There you'll be able to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable representatives. May God bless you in these times of uncertainty.

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