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Recession Manageable Healthcare with HealthShare!

Economic uncertainty sometimes calls for more non-traditional solutions. It’s nice to know that there are healthcare options designed to support those who are struggling with a lack of "traditional" health insurance. With work having moved home for many people or the idea of being self employed, or entrepreneurial. It's important to look at all your options.

One option to learn more about is the idea of joining a HealthShare Community. Healthsharing has been around for over 30 years and has helped many people secure for themselves the care and support they need. As a member of a HealthShare Community you benefit from the collective pull of thousands of members that have joined together along with a responsible management team that takes care of the community.

For example when Charlie lost his job and wasn’t able to maintain his cobra insurance payment, he found a healthshare. The healthshare turned out to be way more affordable that what he was paying when he was employed. While he got to work looking for a new job he was able to be a member of the healthshare. Even after Charlie found a job he decided to keep the healthshare since is was an overall better solution for his medical care.

So what is Zion Health HealthShare Reimagined? Zion Health is a solution that effectively manages it's members medical needs. What's even better is that as a members at Zion Health you’ll receive the tools you need to help with the small stuff as well. Tools like, Teladoc service, annual checkup, prescription sharing, provider network and much more.

When times get tough as they sometimes become, healthshare can really make a difference. Recovering from a job loss may take time but having a healthshare to support you in a medical emergency will eliminate worry while you continue the hunt!

For more information about HealthSharing and Zion Health, visit us at or click below.

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